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Welcome to the St Mary's High School Class Of 1961 web site. This is the place where you can stay in contact with your classmates from those golden years of 1957 to 1961.

In the profile section, you'll find contact details, status, photos, and other information about your friends.  Feel free to add comments and memories to a friend's profile, but please keep it clean. And don't forget to examine your own profile for accuracy and to correct or enhance it as appropriate.

Other sections of this site enable you to post messages, upload photos, and even conduct live chat sessions.  After a few minutes of exploration, you'll become an expert user. Please send any questions about the site to the administrator by using the Contact Us link on this page.

Be sure to view the 50th Reunion section for information about the reunion that was held during September, 2011. In fact, this site was created and is managed by the Reunion Planning Committee, a group of volunteers coordinated by Glenn Bartels. Current committee members include  Jim Brinkman,  Mike Dunphy, Dave Gurley, Larry Harashe, Jerry Kausch, Roger Lesch, Claude Lynch, Tim Murray, John Pelch, Bill Reitz,  Don Schindler, Dave Schmitt, Harry Tiggard, Terry Weatherby, and Bud Winzen. Why, you ask, do we still need a committee if the 50th reunion is in the past? Well, our 55th anniversary will be here before we know it, and we might have another reunion -- less formal than the 50th. If you are interested, send a message to anyone on the committee.

If you are a FaceBook user, you'll be happy to know that this site now has a presence there. To join, click the Class Connection link under Member Functions on the menu at the left side of this page.

Add this site to your Favorites, subscribe to messages and announcements, and share your memories with St. Mary's High School Class of 1961.

St. Mary's High School Site


Would You Step Up?

Giving back is a cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian belief system. Many Christians strongly subscribe to tithing 10% of total income, although they usually belong to dominations other than Catholic. Muslims in good standing also give back a sizable portion of their annual net worth. Our education in the Catholic school system was truly a blessing of those times and led to pretty good lives for most of us. Now it's time to return some of our good fortune to St. Mary's when our alma mater is experiencing financial stress due to the general decline of the Catholic educational system.

The St. Mary's budget while we attended benefitted from the large number of Marianist vocations during the 1950's, but since then lay teachers and coaches have steadily replaced the teaching brothers and priests that comprised the staff of our day. As a result, St. Mary's tuition inflation has significantly outstripped the CPI, although it remains less than St. Louis University High, DeSmet, St. John Vianney and Chaminade.

We recently learned that our sister school, St. Elizabeth's Academy, will close after the 2013 school year. St. John's Grade School recently avoided closure by painfully raising $240,000 at the last minute. Graduates of our era who attended McBride, De Andreas and Augustinian witnessed sad closings of their alma maters years ago. The Archdiocese requires its churches and schools to be financially viable, and 108 parishes were closed or consolidated in recent years in the greater metropolitan area. St. Mary's is not on anyone's list, but if our alma mater is to exist in the years to come, it must also remain financially viable.

In the late 1990's, the Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund was instituted, but we have not done a great job of advertising it to our classmates. Many have donated generously to St. Mary's general fund but not specifically to the 1961 Scholarship Fund. And so the main reason for this communiqué is to encourage each of you to give all you can to St. Mary's and particularly our scholarship fund. Currently, the fund has approximately $32,000 and has received about $8,500 over the last four years from a handful of classmates. Now we encourage all classmates to improve our track record by making a one-time or periodic contribution to the Class of 1961 Scholarchip Fund. See the preceding announcement for instructions.

And since we are all reaching "a certain age," perhaps you should consider St. Mary's in your estate. Contact me, Terry Weatherby, for further information.

Remember, your appreciation for discipline, respect for teamwork, thirst for future knowledge, and your concept of the difference between right and wrong did not come from a memory pillow.

Terry M Weatherby
The St. Mary's Class of 1961 Reunion Committee



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