In Memory

Thomas McBride

Born 07 Mar 1943, Died 19 Jul 2009

Tom McBride was a man of stories and laughter. No matter how you knew him, he probably made you laugh either by telling you a story or making fun of you. His appearance may have scared the hell out of you upon meeting him, but after you began to talk with him, you were quick to find out that he was just a big lovable teddy bear. He even growled like a bear. :) He was an emotional man that often expressed how he was feeling. His children and wife loved to catch him tearing up over a sad story line in a TV show or movie. He valued his family. His love for his wife of nearly 42 years was his main motivation in life. His laughter was the way he showed his affection for people. If you were fortunate enough to share laughter with Tom, please feel free to share those memories with all of us on this website. Thomas Patrick McBride, you are loved always and you are missed.

From by Brian McBride